Planet Greenfest

Please join us to become an essential part of our mission, supporting and cultivating an eco-friendly new way filmmaking and getting to the core of being green and thinking green by bringing knowledgeable and creative filmmakers from around the world together we can gain strength from our shared purpose and common values so we may change the world.

To become a sponsor for our First Annual World’s Only Green Short Film Festival. With your help, this exciting event will take place in the early summer of 2016 in New York City, CLICK HERE.



“Syracuse University trains a lot of students for careers in entertainment—be it film, music, drama, sports or TV and radio—and we are excited to provide them with this glimpse into the green future of entertainment,” says Rachel May, coordinator of sustainability education at Syracuse University. “With his successful film career and his deep familiarity with the energy field, Mr. Saillant is an extraordinary resource for students from a wide variety of disciplines.”

​– Rachel May – Coordinator of Sustainability Education at Syracuse University

“Actor, producer, director, filmmaker and energy/green activist Antonio Saillant, who lives in New York City, could well be called a Renaissance man – a man with many passions and talents.”

— Claire McCurdy – Senior Editor for International Policy Digest

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An Eco-Friendly New Way of Filmmaking

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