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Filmmaker Antonio Saillant Joins HEALING SEEKERS

Antonio Saillant
Antonio Saillant

Healing Seekers has tapped filmmaker Antonio Saillant to come on broad as a producer. Healing Seekers is devoted to exploring the most remote areas of the world in search of medical treatments and cures.

Saillant owner of Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group, a production company that gives inspired filmmakers the chance to make their dreams into reality. His strong belief in going green pushed him to establish Planet GreenFest. Through Angel Light Pictures, Saillant is actively working with small independent movie companies and helping them go green and following Governor Cuomo’s solar goal for New York. Over the years, Saillant worked on other high level filmmaker’s projects, learning the nuts and bolts of production, and worked as a producer. He spent several years shadowing his mentor, Ted Kotcheff, both on the set and in the office learning from him, not to mention, learning in a highly popular television drama series, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Saillant gained knowledge and education into how the industry really works at the studio level, from the inside out.

Amy Greeson
Amy Greeson

Amy Greeson is the founder and executive director of Healing Seekers. Amy devotes her life to discovering ancient healing techniques. Her interest in centuries-old healing traditions began during a transformative trip to the Amazon, which she says opened not only her eyes, but her heart and soul. “It awakened me and showed me a bigger, more complete picture of what healing is all about,” Amy says. Since then, Amy has traveled extensively to study with shamans and village healers in the far reaches of Belize, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, and Madagascar. She has learned how to stitch a wound with surgical ants…to treat bacterial, fungal and virus infections with the sap of a tree…which plants help with inflammation, pain, bites and burns…and how traditional cultures integrate powerful spiritual practices into their healing process.

Healing Seekers has received critical and journalistic acclaim for it’s efforts to explore remote areas of the world highlighting health/ healing traditions and its unique cultural and environmental wonders.

In the late 90″s, Saillant served as a energy consultant for ConEdison, one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the United States, and various pharmacological companies for many years. He has combined his knowledge of the energy business with the entertainment industry in hopes of contributing to a more sustainable future.

Saillant saw its genesis in involving himself in the environment by remembering this famous speech, In 1963, John Kennedy said, “Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man.”

The speech is the inspiration for his involvement in the environment. Saillant says, “As a filmmaker, I feel it is my responsibility to continue the commitment to reduce the impact on climate change and the environment, and be on the forefront of sustainable business practices.”

Saillant says, “It’s really a harrowing speech and it was really helpful in pushing me to combining both energy and entertainment.”

Saillant lectures at many University especially at Syracuse University, which he spoke at the “Showcase for Sustainability,” on greening the entertainment sector. His speech on sustainable initiatives in film, television and on Broadway. Saillant was honored to be introduced to the staff and students by Sherburne Abbott, who is Syracuse University’s Vice President for Sustainability Initiatives and Professor of Sustainability Science & Policy. Abbott, a leading expert in the field of sustainability science and policy, served as the associate director for environment of the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Executive Office of the President. Coordinator of Sustainability, Rachel May, also pointed out that Syracuse is a top school in Journalism, and Saillant’s speech gave students an extraordinary understanding of the “green future of entertainment.”

Saillant is in pre production on a Ted Kotcheff documentary “The Apprenticeship of Ted Kotcheff,” which Saillant will direct, and produce through his Angel Light Pictures production company.

Healing Seekers will give Saillant more of an opportunity to explore some very wild and incredible places on our planet, and as he learns how conserving the natural world is so important for all of us. He hopes to use his expertise in entertainment and the environment to spread the message worldwide.

Amy Greeson, Healing Seekers videos already has shown Saillant and the world that medicines come from flowers, berries, roots, bark, frogs-and even from alligator’s blood!

Healing Seekers trek to jungles and rainforests, They hope that you will see things that you’ve never seen before and make your own great discoveries. There’s so much for us to learn about the natural world, how we can work with it, and how we can protect it!

For more information about Healing Seekers please head to the Official website @ [www.healingseekers.com].

For more information about Angel Light Pictures please head to the Official website @ [www.angellightgroup.com].

Meet Healing Seekers

Watch this informative video shot on our expedition in Madagascar. Learn what Healing Seekers is all about and expose yourself to a planet of possibilities and meet Amy Greeson and her Healing Seekers team.

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