We live in a knowledge – based economy and education is our greatest natural resource.

Planet Greenfest will unite the world to come together to reflect and reaffirm, to gain strength, in hope that the next generation of green filmmakers and the media will adapt to having an environmental responsibility, where all communities will be safe, healthy and where the earth’s bounty will be preserved for future generations.

Getting to the core of “Being Green,” starts by being ecologically responsible and making then right decisions and changing lifestyles by creating and developing films that are 100% green. Planet Greenfest will turn this event into a teaching tool.

We are looking for the unique idea incubators that enable filmmakers to fully engage and learn how to leverage new green technologies in there techniques of filmmaking by creating films that are ecologically conscious without compromising the quality of the films we make. We are committed and dedicated to discovering filmmakers that will combine their talents and creative vision by “Thinking and Going Green”. Not only will this be environmentally and socially beneficial, we can make a tremendous impact in our economy.

By conserving energy in the television and movie industries, we are pushing ideas forward and producing environmentally sound results. We must reach out across global borders so the green initiative will allow us to set a precedent to continue to produce high-quality productions with exacting standards, while minimizing our impact on the environment.

This is our way of giving back to our planet.



© 2014 by PLANET GREENFEST. All rights reserved.


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An Eco-Friendly New Way of Filmmaking

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